Happy Lady Anglers with their first Bluefin!

Marlin day on the Mustang!


06-24-2022Overnight2125 Bonito, 2 Yellowtail
06-23-2022Overnight77 Bluefin Tuna, 12 Yellowtail
06-18-2022Overnight91 Bluefin Tuna
06-17-2022Overnight211 Bluefin Tuna
06-16-2022Overnight91 Bluefin Tuna
06-12-20221.5 Day212 Bluefin Tuna, 1 Yellowtail
06-10-2022Overnight192 Bluefin Tuna
06-09-2022Overnight111 Bluefin Tuna
06-04-2022Overnight236 Bluefin Tuna
06-03-2022Overnight304 Bluefin Tuna
06-01-2022Overnight122 Bluefin Tuna
05-29-20221.5 Day17 2 Bluefin up to 150 lbs., 6 Yellowtail
05-28-2022Overnight2924 Bluefin Tuna
05-27-2022Overnight2910 Bluefin Tuna
05-26-2022Overnight2114 Yellowtail
11-07-20211.5 Day22
10-24-2021Overnight30150 Yellowtail
10-10-2021Overnight2947 Yellowtail
10-09-2021Overnight3047 Yellowtail, 1 Yellowfin, 7 Skipjack
10-08-20212.5 Day182 Bluefin Tuna
10-05-2021Overnight149 Bluefin Tuna, 1 Yellowfin
10-02-2021Overnight3056 Dorado, 5 Skipjack
10-01-20211.5 Day2022 Yellowfin, 2 Dorado
09-28-2021Overnight2024 Yellowfin, 8 Skipjack
09-26-2021Overnight108 Bluefin Tuna
09-24-2021Overnight295 Skipjack, 3 Yellowfin
09-23-2021Overnight162 Bluefin Tuna
09-22-2021Overnight282 Bluefin Tuna
09-12-20212 Day21 1 Bluefin 9up to 200 lbs), 1 Sheephead, 1 Halibut, 8 Rockfish
09-10-2021Overnight224 Dorado
09-04-2021Overnight314 Dorado
09-02-20214 Day164 Bluefin Tuna (up to 200 lbs), 98 Sheephead, 29 Yellowtail
08-28-2021Overnight267 Yellowfin
08-27-2021Overnight2516 Yellowfin, 2 Dorado
08-25-20212.5 Day233 Bluefin Tuna, 14 Yellowtail, 32 Dorado
08-21-2021Overnight302 Bluefin Tuna, 57 Dorado, 5 Yellowtail, 1 Yellowfin
08-20-2021Overnight30119 Dorado, 1 Yellowtail
08-19-20212 Day30120 Dorado, 56 Yellowtail, 1 Bluefin
08-13-2021Overnight333 Yellowtail
08-12-2021Overnight2521 Bluefin Tuna, 1 Yellowfin
08-10-2021Overnight1428 Bluefin Tuna, 7 Yellowfin, 1 Dorado
08-09-2021Overnight2815 Yellowtail, 6 Dorado, 1 Bonito
08-07-2021Overnight3030 Yellowtail, 4 Dorado
08-04-2021Overnight171 Bluefin Tuna, 2 Dorado
07-31-2021Overnight3072 Yellowtail, 1 Yellowfin
07-26-2021Overnight2565 Yellowtail
07-25-2021Overnight30150 Yellowtail, 5 Dorado
07-24-2021Overnight30150 Yellowtail, 11 Dorado
07-23-2021Overnight30150 Yellowtail, 4 Dorado
07-18-2021Overnight3085 Yellowtail, 1 Yellowfin, 1 Dorado, 2 Bluefin Tuna
07-16-2021Overnight1410 Bluefin Tuna, 1 Yellowtail
07-15-2021Overnight1320 Bluefin Tuna
07-10-2021Overnight294 Bluefin Tuna, 3 Yellowtail
07-09-2021Overnight2417 Bluefin Tuna, 1 Yellowfin Tuna, 2 Yellowtail
07-07-2021Overnight1314 Bluefin Tuna (up to 200 lbs)
07-03-2021Overnight1416 Bluefin Tuna
06-29-20212 Day1711 Bluefin Tuna, 9 Yellowtail
06-27-2021Overnight2931 Bluefin Tuna, 39 Bonito
06-26-2021Overnight3121 Bluefin Tuna
06-25-2021Overnight2516 Bluefin Tuna
06-22-20212 Day1334 Bluefin Tuna, 9 Yellowtail
06-18-2021Overnight1828 Bluefin Tuna
06-16-2021Overnight157 Bluefin Tuna
06-12-2021Overnight292 Bluefin Tuna
06-05-2021Overnight2423 Bluefin Tuna, 2 Yellowtail, 14 Bonito
06-04-2021Overnight1211 Bluefin Tuna
05-31-2021Overnight283 Bluefin Tuna
05-30-2021Overnight282 Bluefin Tuna
05-29-2021Overnight3014 Bluefin Tuna
Mustang fish logs, trip reports for the 2022 and 2021 Season.

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